Build your software to impress.

Take your product to the next level with my comprehensive approach to software development. I combine solid expertise in full-stack engineering with a strong command of user experience design and systems analysis to create impactful, human-centered products and services. I’ve led teams, taught workshops, architected software systems, designed interfaces, programmed robots — and much more.

Got an incredible project to build? Check out some of my work below and get in touch.

Mobile-First Front-End Development

Tourists walking through the open-air Long      Corridor at the Summer Palace in Beijing, China

It is July 7, 2016, and I’ve just landed in Beijing — my first time in China. The only Mandarin I know is how to count to ten and ask Where is the bathroom? I’m here to mentor Chinese college students during a two-week bootcamp on human-centered design.

To share my experience with family and friends, I created a mini-site with the story and photos from my trip.

Robotics and Computer Vision

A simulation of a robotic arm and what the robot sees through an Xbox Kinect

How can a robot know where to pick up an object from a table? Using an Xbox Kinect, I programmed a robot to find and calculate coordinates for a beverage can on a flat surface.

User Experience and Interaction Design

Sample of a user interface dialog that asks if the user would like to save before exiting the editor

How do you enable collaborative work on financial documents in the cloud without people interfering with each other? I improved upon my client’s existing platform to design a document access system that empowers users with more intuitive functionality and reduces the workload for the customer support team.

Social Research Methods

High school student with a bookbag over one shoulder next to an unlabeled pie chart

Imagine you’ve just finished several in-depth interviews with users to supplement some survey data and you want to distribute a single-page overview for your team to reference. How can you make sure that your users’ voices are heard, and that your team empathizes deeply with them?

I try to answer this question with my research on empathy in the design process.

Service Design

Sketch of a recycling bin next to a trash bin

Bon Appétit Management Company provides “food service for a sustainable future.” Always seeking ways to improve, they asked Design for America at Case Western Reserve University to apply human-centered design to reduce waste at the BRB Café. We formed Team Sustainability: 3 engineers and me, the social scientist.