Written work

Software Engineering

The Functional Options Pattern in Go briefly describes this code pattern for Golang, including when and when not to use it. Published 2023.

Using fasthttp to make API requests in Golang provides code samples for using fasthttp as a request client, as well as benchmarks and an evaluation of the package's suitability for use as an HTTP client. Published 2019.

Climate and Sustainability

How the Electric Grid Works: A Crash Course covers the many parts of the electric grid and related introductory concepts. Published 2023.

Cognition and Psychology

Empathy in the Human-Centered Design Process: Imagine you’ve just finished several in-depth interviews with users to supplement some survey data and you want to distribute a single-page overview for your team to reference. How can you make sure that your users’ voices are heard, and that your team empathizes deeply with them? I try to answer this question with my research on empathy in the design process. Research from 2016.

Creativity: From Within reviews theories for how creativity might arise from within individual people. Published 2015.

Creativity: From Beyond takes an opposite approach, examining how external factors might be the source of human creativity. Published 2015.